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Scalable Single Cell Sequencing Without the Instrument

Get Started with Single Cell RNA-Seq

The Evercode WT Mini is perfectly sized to begin exploring single cell transcriptomics and experience the quality of results possible with Parse. Scale to the Evercode WT or Evercode WT Mega to delve deeper and support publications with unrivaled gene detection across all three kits.

No Instrument Required

Evercode combinatorial barcoding is performed on your lab bench – all that’s needed are a centrifuge, thermal cycler, and some pipettes. The single cell or single nuclei libraries are immediately ready for sequencing.

Consistent Data Quality

Consistent Data Quality

Experience high gene detection and uniform results at every scale. From a pilot to a single cell atlas experiment - data quality is never compromised.

Lower Multiplet Rates Than Droplet Based Approaches

In a human-mouse species mixing experiment utilizing the WT Mini, we detect only 2.3% multiplets - much lower than droplet-based approaches.

Single Cell Genomics – Cells and Nuclei

Difficult samples or complex research questions often require a single nuclei approach. The Evercode technology works with both single nuclei sequencing (snRNA-Seq) and single cell sequencing (scRNA-Seq) with the capability to do both in the same experiment.

Unmatched Gene Detection
Gene Detection Never Diminishes

As experiments scale, your data quality is unchanged within the Evercode line.

Unmatched Gene Detection

More genes and transcripts detected per cell provide comprehensive results over conventional approaches.

Unmatched Gene Detection
The Parse Biosciences Workflow

From Bench to Insight

The Evercode Whole Transcriptome technology provides the reagents, software, and accessibility to pursue difficult research questions. This approach first fixes a single cell or nuclei suspension. Once fixed, the barcoding and library prep process outputs libraries ready for any Illumina sequencer. Following sequencing, our software converts data into single cell insights.
Parse Biosciences Process - Step 1


Lock in gene expression immediately after sample collection with a rapid fixation protocol. After fixation, samples can be stored for up to 6 months or proceed directly to barcoding.

Parse Biosciences Process - Step 2

Barcoding & Library Prep

Append barcodes to each transcript by progressing cells through four split-pool combinatorial barcoding steps. The kit proceeds to a standard library preparation to generate sequencing-ready molecules.
Parse Biosciences Process - Step 3


The resulting libraries are sequenced by NGS.
Parse Biosciences Process - Step 4

Data Analysis

Our computational pipeline generates an interactive report for rapid insights. All output data files, including gene-cell count matrix, integrate seamlessly with existing open source tools such as Seurat or Scanpy.
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Review the Evercode Whole Transcriptome data from a species mixing experiment, immune profiling in PBMCs, or nuclei from embryonic mouse brain.

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