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Human Immune Monitoring Center (Stanford Medicine)

The HIMC offers genomics services for human and mouse immunology-related projects: RNA, cfRNA/Exosome, genomic DNA, and cfDNA extraction; Bioanalyzer and qubit analysis services.

DNA Technologies and Expression Analysis Core (UC Davis)

The DNA Technologies and Expression Analysis Core at the Genome Center enables access to high throughput genome-wide analyses at economical recharge rates, as a functional extension of your laboratory.

Virus Characterization, Isolation, Production and Sequencing Core (Tulane University)

The Virus Characterization, Isolation, Production and Sequencing Core provides services to TNPRC, Tulane University, and affiliate investigators. The VCIPS core is divided into two primary components: 1) Virus characterization, isolation, and production and 2) Next generation sequencing.

Houston Cancer Genomics Center (UTHealth Houston)

The CGC’s mission is to bring the newest next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies to the research community and to help facilitate cutting-edge cancer research in the Texas Medical Center and other areas of Texas. The CGC offers the bulk DNA sequencings, the bulk RNA sequencings and single-cell RNA sequencings.

Genome Sequencing Facility (UT Health San Antonio)

The Genome Sequencing Facility (GSF) at Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute (Greehey CCRI) at UT Health San Antonio (UTHSA) utilizes state-of-the-art technology, including Parse Biosciences’ single cell platform, to generate high-quality genomic data and provides support with its analysis.

Genomic Sequencing and Analysis Facility (UT Austin)

The Center for Biomedical Research Support (CBRS) provides access to cutting-edge technology, including the Parse Biosciences single cell platform, and expert advice to enhance research.

South Australian Genomics Centre (SAGC)

The SAGC provides a broad range of services including single cell and spatial transcriptomics, bulk RNA sequencing, small RNA sequencing, exome and genome sequencing, epigenomics, metagenomics and a range of other custom methods.

Gene Expression Center (UW Madison)

The Gene Expression Center provides cost-effective, cutting edge transcriptomic (bulk, single cell & spatial transcriptomic) and large scale genotyping/methylation services to the University of Wisconsin campus as well as colleagues at public and private institutions.

NuSeq Core (Northwestern Medicine)

NUSeq serves scientists on both the Chicago and Evanston campuses, as well as those at external academic and commercial organizations and offers single cell RNA sequencing using the Parse platform.

Institute for Integrative Genome Biology (UC Riverside)

Within the Genomics Core, DNA sequencing supports research across the campus and extends to projects in collaboration with other institutions, including the sequencing of genomes, single cell RNASeq, ChIPSeq, methylSeq, metagenomics and other applications.

Applied Genomics, Computation & Translational Core (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)

The Genomics Core at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center offers new applications, such as single-cell RNA sequencing, microbiome profiling and targeted transcriptome resequencing for FFPE samples, using a brand-new Illumina Novaseq, MiSeq and NextSeq.

Genomics Research and Technology Hub (UC Irvine)

The Genomics Research and Technology Hub (GRT Hub) is a core research facility that provides emerging nucleic acid technologies to UCI and provides genome-wide analysis for clients interested in gene expression, regulation of gene expression, and genome sequence and variation.

Advanced Cell Exploration Core (University of Alberta)

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD) Advanced Cell Exploration (ACE) Unit is a multi-user core facility at the University of Alberta. It offers a number of different services including assistance in experimental design and troubleshooting, single cell sequencing and data processing, NGS, PCR, among others.

Genomics & Cell Characterization Core Facility (University of Oregon)

The Genomics & Cell Characterization Core Facility supports life sciences research with sequencing, library prep, single cell, and other services for researchers within and external to the University of Oregon.

Zenit Science

Our skilled scientists have refined protocols to efficiently dissociate cells and nuclei from a range of tissue samples such as brain tissues, tumors, and organoids.

Admera Health

Admera Health’s comprehensive genomic and bioinformatic services unlocks groundbreaking research with the cutting-edge Parse Biosciences single cell platform. We empower researchers, from discovery to development, with our unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality results. Our CLIA/CLEP and CAP accredited laboratories utilize stringent quality control measures to guarantee high-quality data for every project.

Princess Margaret Genomics Centre

The Princess Margaret Genomics Centre serves local, national and international clients from both academic and commercial research organizations.

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