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Lock in Biology,
Unlock Flexibility

With Evercode technology, you confidently lock in the biology of your samples.
Harness the power of stability to experience more flexibility in every study.


Fix and store samples as they come in.
Process in a single batch later.

Embrace a new era of research simplicity with Evercode cell or nuclei fixation, allowing for immediate sample fixation and storage for future experiments. Seamlessly navigate time-course studies and facilitate collaboration, all while maintaining sample and data integrity.

Fix Now,
Run Later

Evercode Cell or Nuclei Fixation secures your samples' integrity, offering a streamlined approach to single cell sequencing workflows. Simplify your process by fixing samples immediately upon collection, allowing for seamless handling and storage until processing in a single batch later.

Enable High Throughput Studies

Evercode Fixation v3 is designed to meet the demands of high-throughput studies, offering unparalleled efficiency. Simplify your projects and streamline sample processing with plate-based fixation.

Minimize Batch Effects

Evercode fixation empowers researchers to eliminate potential biases by processing samples together regardless of when they were collected. Ensure consistency in data analysis and maximize comparability between samples.

Break Boundaries,
Forge Collaboration

Geographical barriers no longer limit collaboration in single cell research. Collect samples remotely and confidently send them to different sites or service labs, fostering collaboration and accelerating scientific discovery.

The Parse Biosciences workflow

The Evercode™ Whole Transcriptome solution provides the reagents, software, and support to pursue difficult research questions from bench to insight.


Lock in gene expression immediately after sample collection with a rapid fixation protocol. After fixation, samples can be stored for up to 6 months or proceed directly to barcoding.

Barcoding & Library Prep

Append barcodes to each transcript by progressing cells through a streamlined split-pool combinatorial barcoding process, which produces sequencing-ready libraries.


The resulting libraries are sequenced by NGS.

Data Analysis

Our computational pipeline generates an interactive report for rapid insights. All output data files, including gene-cell count matrix, integrate seamlessly with existing open source tools such as Seurat or Scanpy.

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