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The Parse Biosciences family of products

It all starts with Evercode™ split-pool combinatorial barcoding, our proprietary single cell technology that allows you to scale your projects to millions of cells without any custom instrument.

Evercode™ Whole Transcriptome

Scalable single cell sequencing without the instrument. Each kit provides end-to-end solution reagents and intuitive analysis software.

Scale your projects from thousands to millions of cells or nuclei per experiment

Up to 10K cells & 12 samples
WT Mini
Up to 100K cells & 48 samples
Up to 1M cells & 96 samples
WT Mega

Evercode™ Immune Profiling

Explore a wide variety of immunological applications through Evercode TCR and Evercode BCR. Each kit takes you from samples through sequencing directly to insights into the immune repertoire.

Evercode TCR and BCR are the only fixation-based scRNA-Seq Immune profiling assays available.

10K-1M Cells &
1-96 Samples
10K-1M Cells &
1-96 Samples


Highly sensitive gRNA detection together with gene expression in up to 1 million single cells per experiment. Scale up your CRISPR perturbations from hundreds to tens of thousands of genes per experiment.

Gene Capture

Targeted gene panels for scRNA-seq enable you to scale up the number of cells and samples in your experiments by dramatically reducing sequencing requirements. Focus on the genes that matter to you.


Custom Gene Capture enables you to focus your sequencing on hundreds or thousands of genes of interest.
Immune1000 Gene Capture includes a panel of the most common human immune cell type markers and pathways.