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Single Cell Data Analysis
Made Easy with Trailmaker

Unlock the power of single cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) with Trailmaker. Our user-friendly platform simplifies scRNA-seq data analysis, making it accessible and transparent for researchers. Quickly process, integrate, and explore Evercode Whole Transcriptome data, create publication-ready figures, and share your findings with ease.

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From Samples to Biological Insights

Our end-to-end workflow guides you from samples to discoveries, offering flexible entry, stopping, and exit points throughout the entire process, from sample preparation to data analysis.

Interactive User-friendly Pipeline and Insights Modules

Trailmaker enables users to process, integrate, explore, plot, and share Evercode Whole Transcriptome data anytime and anywhere at the click of a button.

Two Intuitive Modules Dedicated to Processing and Exploring Single Cell Data

Trailmaker's Pipeline Module processes raw sequencing data (FASTQ files) to generate quality control reports, count matrices, and log files. The Insights Module then guides users from count matrices to customized, publication-ready figures.

As a newcomer to bioinformatics processing of single cell RNA sequencing data, Trailmaker has been wonderful. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. I would highly recommend it!

Emerson Daniele

University of Toronto

Trailmaker allowed us to thoroughly analyze our data in days, which otherwise would have taken us weeks of computational analysis.

Simon Schnabl

Institute of Science and Technology Austria

The platform felt intuitive and easy to navigate.

Anni Kauko, PhD

University of Turku

From FASTQ to Figures

Import raw FASTQ files or data from different technologies, and export publication-ready figures.

Faster Time to Biological Insight

Trailmaker Insights Module guides users from count matrices to customizable, interactive, and publication-ready figures.

Interactive Insights

Assess quality, adjust filtering thresholds, annotate cell types and visualize a range of gene expression plots.

Free for all Parse Customers

Trailmaker is available for free to all Parse customers and academic researchers.

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Looking for the original Parse Pipeline?

Parse Biosciences provides a pipeline that can be run on a Linux operating system,
either locally or on a server. The pipeline remains available for
customers to download via our support suite.

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