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Without the Instrument

Introducing The Parse

Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Solution

The Parse Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Kit is the most scalable single cell RNA-seq solution on the market, allowing you to profile 100,000 cells and 48 samples together in one run.

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Profile up to 100,000 cells with a single kit, which can accommodate up to 48 different biological samples or experimental conditions.

flexible sequencing by Parse Biosciences

Fix and store samples on your schedule. Run fixed samples collected on different dates together in a single experiment.

no custom instrument for sequencing by Parse Biosciences

No need to pay for an expensive instrument and maintenance fees. Our kits use only basic laboratory equipment.

From Lab Bench to Data Visualization and Analysis

Our kit provides all the necessary materials to prepare any single-cell or single-nucleus suspension for sequencing as well as the tools to analyze your results with ease.

Single Cell Suspension

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Data Visualization and Analysis

Explore Data with the Parse Biosciences Computational Pipeline

Example Dataset

Example Dataset

Example Dataset

Example Dataset

Example Dataset

"We used Parse Biosciences' kits to study the effects of BSL-3 pathogens on airway epithelia at single cell resolution. Combinatorial barcoding finally made it feasible to analyze a large number of samples with low reagent and time costs, and the data quality is top-notch. Moreover, Parse provided amazing customer support”

- Alejandro Pezzulo Colmenares, MD | Assistant Professor, University of Iowa