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NEWS > Parse Biosciences Announces Partnership with Gencell Pharma to Extend its Reach in South America

Parse Biosciences Announces Partnership with Gencell Pharma to Extend its Reach in South America

Agreement broadens access to single cell research in the region

SEATTLE — June 25, 2024 — Parse Biosciences, a leading provider of accessible and scalable single cell sequencing solutions, today announced an agreement with Bogotá, Colombia-based Gencell Pharma to extend Parse’s reach in Colombia specifically and also across South America.

“Demand for Parse’s Evercode single cell sequencing solutions continues to grow in South America as the academic, biotech, and pharma communities discover their scalability and simplicity,” noted Parse Biosciences CEO and co-founder Alex Rosenberg, Ph.D. “Through this partnership with Gencell, we are empowering them to easily adopt the leading single cell sequencing technology.”

The company’s agreement with Gencell Pharma will give South American researchers full access to Parse’s single cell portfolio, including Evercode™ Whole Transcriptome, Evercode TCR, Evercode BCR, Evercode Cell Fixation, Evercode Nuclei Fixation, Gene Capture, CRISPR Detect, and the Parse Biosciences data analysis solution, Trailmaker. The agreement is a continuation of Parse’s ongoing introduction of its products in key international markets, which are also currently available in North America, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, India, Israel, and New Zealand.

Noted Gencell Pharma CEO Fabio Andres Zapata Gomez, “This partnership with Parse will bring single cell sequencing to a wide range of researchers in South America, all of whom will greatly benefit from its Evercode technology. We’re excited to see what breakthroughs the scientific community in South America is able to achieve with these newly available tools.

About Gencell Pharma

Gencell Pharma is a Colombian company with presence in five countries in the LATAM region and more than 14 years of experience. It is the first regional laboratory to have a Genomic Sequencing Center, and its mission is focused on offering comprehensive health solutions and services in the areas of diagnosis, precision medicine, research, specialized technologies in molecular biology, telemedicine and bioinformatics. For more information, please visit or connect on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

About Parse Biosciences

Parse Biosciences is a global life sciences company whose mission is to accelerate progress in human health and scientific research. Empowering researchers to perform single cell sequencing with unprecedented scale and ease, its pioneering approach is enabling groundbreaking discoveries in cancer treatment, tissue repair, stem cell therapy, kidney and liver disease, brain development, and the immune system.

Founded based on a transformative technology invented at the University of Washington, Parse has raised over $100 million and is used in nearly 2,000 labs across the world. Its growing portfolio of products includes Evercode Whole Transcriptome, Evercode TCR, Evercode BCR, CRISPR Detect, Gene Capture, and a software tool for data analysis, Trailmaker.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington’s vibrant South Lake Union district, Parse Biosciences recently opened a 34,000 square foot headquarters and state-of-the-art laboratory.


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