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Uncovering Spatial Intra-Tumoral Heterogeneity of Malignant and Immune Cells in Glioblastoma

WT Mini v1 WT Mini v2 WT v1 Brain Tumor

Glioblastoma (GBM) is a malignant brain tumor known for its aggressiveness, limited treatment options, and poor prognosis. The GBM tumor exhibits extensive heterogeneity and cellular plasticity, making it difficult to effectively target and treat. Our project aims to understand cell states in GBM and their governing factors. By analyzing different tumor regions, we seek to identify regionally enriched malignant and immune cell states, explore the impact of the tumor microenvironment on malignant cells, and investigate intercellular communication networks.

To characterize this heterogeneity within tumor samples, the Parse Evercode WT Mini v2 profiled nuclei processed from 4 tumors collected from 4 patients crossing multiple anatomical regions. These findings shed light on the mechanisms responsible for the diverse phenotypes observed in GBM and aid in the development of novel therapies that target specific cell states.

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Sample Table

Patient Region Sample Name Batch Chemistry Cell number from split-pipe
1 peri-tumoral 6237_2222190_A Batch1 v1 kit WT 57,460
tumor edge 6237_2222190_D
solid core 6237_2222190_C
solid core 6237_2222190_F
2 tumor edge 6234_2895153_A Batch2 v2 kit WTmini 13,838
peri-tumoral 6234_2895153_B
tumor edge 6234_2895153_E
3 tumor edge 6240_4964941_B
4 peri-tumoral 6245_4972288_C Batch3 v1 kit WTmini 9,591
tumor edge 6245_4972288_D
tumor edge 6245_4972288_E