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Performance of Evercode™ WT in Mouse Kidney Cells

Fresh kidney tissue was collected from an adult CD-1 mouse and immediately processed. After dissociation with the Singulator™ 100 (S2 Genomics™), cells were treated to lyse any red blood cells, strained, centrifuged and resuspended in HBSS. The single cell suspension was fixed with Evercode Cell Fixation v2 then whole transcriptome libraries were created with Evercode WT v2. 

Whole transcriptome libraries were sequenced on an Illumina Novaseq 6000, and data was processed with Parse Biosciences Analysis Pipeline v1.0.2. The resulting 18,417 cells were clustered with Seurat v4.0, manually annotated, and visualized as UMAPs. Our analysis revealed the expected cell types, as shown in the UMAP below. 

You can further explore the data and do your own analysis by downloading the raw data below.

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