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Transcriptional Analysis of Parkinson’s Disease Using Patient-derived Cells

In this pilot experiment, two sporadic Parkinson’s patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) samples and two healthy controls were differentiated into dopaminergic neuronal precursor cells (DA-NPCs).

Each sample was prepared in triplicate, to explore batch effects, robustness, and differential gene expression – for a total of twelve samples. The samples were then fixed with Evercode Cell Fixation v2 and barcoded using the Evercode WT Mini v2 kit.

The results of this work are furthering our efforts to expand the collection and differentiation of additional patient lines. The Early Drug Discovery Unit’s ultimate goal is scaling up this research to identify novel biomarkers and mechanistic targets for new drug development.

Sample Table

Sample Name
(Sample Group + (B) + Sample No.)
Disease Status
x3448B1Healthy Control
TD22B1Healthy Control
x2965B1Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease
TD07B1Sporadic Parkinson’s Disease


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"We fix samples when they are ready, putting us in charge of our experimental timing."

-Taylor Goldsmith, Early Drug Discovery Unit, Neuro-McGill University

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