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American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting

Apr 14   -   Apr 19

The AACR Annual Meeting is the focal point of the cancer research community, where scientists, clinicians, other health care professionals, survivors, patients, and advocates gather to share the latest advances in cancer science and medicine. Stop by booth #1202 to learn more about our Evercode TCR platform.

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EMBL Symposium - Brain Genome: Regulation, Evolution, and Function

Apr 25   -   Apr 28

Parse Biosciences team members will be on hand to share information about our technology and products at this symposium that explores how the genome is regulated in the brain to support neural function and plasticity.

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Danish Single Cell Conference

Apr 26   -   Apr 27

Parse Biosciences is happy to be a sponsor of this conference which will focus on novel wet-lab and computational approaches in single cell omics field to investigate the function of complex tissues in health and disease. Our team members will be on hand to share information about the Evercode product line and technology.

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About Parse Products?
About Parse Products?

Access Today’s Leading Single Cell Technology

Evercode™ Whole Transcriptome products are enabling scientists to push scRNA-Seq past the limitations of previous technologies to detect more genes per cell, enabling a deeper understanding of biological function – with no capital expense of an instrument required. This also means no more rushing samples between labs or scheduling time on a shared instrument.

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