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Gene Capture

Sequence less, uncover more

Custom Gene Capture

Design a panel tailored to each project.

Gene Capture

Target human immune cell type markers and pathways.

You have cells of interest. We have an add-on solution that delivers expanded throughput while saving on sequencing costs. Choose the Immune1000 panel of genes, or design a Custom Gene Capture panel of your own. When you’re ready, we’ll help you plan.

Custom Gene Capture

Design a panel tailored to each project.

Gene Capture

Target human immune cell type markers and pathways.

Targeted panels for scRNA-Seq

Many research applications are focused on a discrete set of genes and do not require whole transcriptome analysis in every experiment. Gene Capture selects only the genes of interest, enabling researchers to answer questions across more samples with less sequencing.

High-resolution data with 10 times less sequencing

With a high on-target rate, shallow sequencing maintains excellent resolution and cell type proportions.

Gene capture preserves cell type clustering

Human PBMCs processed and sequenced with Evercode™ WT v2 at 28K reads/cell (left) and Immune1000 Gene Capture at 2K reads/cell (right). The resolution and identification of cell types is preserved at lower sequencing.

Cell type proportions are retained

Human PBMCs processed with Evercode™ WT v2 and Immune1000 Gene Capture show excellent concordance between cell type proportions.

Maintain cell type proportions

The Immune1000 Gene Capture preserves cell type proportions within samples.

Use our predesigned panel or design your own

The Immune1000 Gene Capture targets key human immune cell-type markers and pathways.

Are you focused on a different set of genes? Design your own panel with hundreds or thousands of genes.

When you’re ready, we’ll help you plan.

The complete Gene Capture workflow

Gene Capture is an add-on to Evercode™ WT. WT libraries are hybridized to panels of gene-specific probes. Library molecules containing target regions are captured with magnetic beads.

Evercode™ Cell/Nuclei Fixation

Lock in gene expression immediately after sample collection with a rapid fixation protocol. After fixation, samples can be stored for up to 6 months or proceed directly to barcoding.

Evercode™ Whole Transcriptome

Append barcodes to each transcript by progressing cells through 4 split-pool combinatorial barcoding steps, then proceed for library preparation.

Gene Capture

Targeted transcripts are hybridized to a designed probe and captured with magnetic beads.


The targeted libraries are sequenced by NGS.


A computational pipeline generates an interactive report for rapid insights. All output data files, including gene-cell count matrix, integrate seamlessly with existing open source tools such as Seurat or Scanpy.

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Whole Transcriptome in Up to 1 Million Cells

Sequence up to 1 million cells, no instrument required.

Evercode WT Mega

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