Upcoming Events

Jan 25
Jan 26

Festival Of Genomics

Location: Business Design Centre, London, England

The 8th annual Festival of Genomics will be the largest genomics event in the UK and in Europe and will cover the entire genomics workflow end-to-end, as well as how genomics data is integrated with forms of biodata to help you make meaningful research and clinical decisions. Parse Biosciences staff will share information about our single cell platform on during lunch on Day One.

Feb 6
Feb 9

Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT)

Location: Hollywood, Florida

Parse Biosciences is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor at AGBT’s flagship event for bringing together global leaders, researchers, and innovators. If you are attending, please visit us in suite 215.

Mar 30
Mar 31

NextGen Omics US

Location: Boston, MA

The NextGen Omics US: In-Person event is an exclusive collaborative environment, welcoming over 300 attendees from international Pharma, Biotech & Academic institutions. Parse Biosciences team members will discuss our Evercode single cell RNA sequencing platform in a Day One presentation.