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Uncovering Glioblastoma Heterogeneity in Solid Tumor and Tumor-derived in vitro Models

WT Mini Solid Tumor
"We obtained an unprecedented number of genes per cell."
- Zac Moore, Research Officer, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Glioblastoma remains the most common form of brain cancer, exhibiting enormous heterogeneity in the tumor and immune compartments, within both the same tumor and between patients. To characterize this heterogeneity within tumor samples and in vitro models, we utilized the Parse Evercode V2 assay to profile whole cells processed from a patient-derived neurosphere line, alongside nuclei isolated from a piece of flash-frozen glioblastoma tissue. Clustering of cells using Parse Analysis Pipeline revealed multiple distinct cell types from all samples, as demonstrated in the UMAP below.

Sample Table

Donor Material Exposure Processed Name
1 Neurosphere DMSO Cells Vehicle Cell
1 Neurosphere TMZ Cells Treated Cell
2 Neurosphere - Nuclei Sphere Nuclei
2 Frozen tissue - Nuclei Tissue Nuclei


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All-Well Analysis Summary Report*
Cell Vehicle Analysis Summary Report
Cell Treated Analysis Summary Report
Nuclei Sphere Analysis Summary Report
Nuclei Tissue Analysis Summary Report

* The plate heatmap of the all-well summary, wells 7-10 are empty, having been removed due to patient privacy.

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