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Evercode™ TCR Technical Brochure


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Simple Workflow

Built on the foundation of Parse split pool combinatorial barcoding, Evercode TCR enables the same hardware-free workflow, with the added value of enabling the simultaneous sequencing of TCR clones and the whole transcriptome.

Sequence up to 1 Million T cells

Accurate TCR identification and precise measurements are critical to obtaining meaningful biological information. Larger sample sizes enable the detection of rare TCR clones and the precise measurements of their diversity.

Sensitive Clonotype Detection

Increased sensitivity enables better resolution of TCR alpha, beta, and paired chains. Users can track clones, including the rare ones, and delve deeper into the biology of the adaptive immune response.

Interactive Results

Sequenced TCR chains can be analyzed through the Parse Biosciences pipeline, which produces standard output files in a format compatible with third-party analysis tools like Seurat and Scanpy.