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Multi-Omics Approach for Near Full Length Human iPSC Transcriptomes in Cardiomyocyte Models

WT Mini Human iPSCs

Integrating short-read and long-read sequencing from combinatorial barcoding and split library

We explored the feasibility of using the Evercode combinatorial barcoding kit to perform short-read Illumina sequencing and Oxford nanopore long-read sequencing from a split library consisting of human induced pluripotent stem cells and a AC16 cardiac cell line. Our goals are to better understand how transcriptional variants are realized into a diversity of protein and cellular phenotypes and the genetic structures that give rise to meaningful transcriptional variants.

The data presented here is from our pilot experiment and the development of modifications to handle ONT long-reads in the Evercode pipeline. Next steps are scaling up the experiment for the WT kit, increasing the sequencing depth and cell retention.

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