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Evercode™ WT v2 vs. Chromium™ Next GEM Single Cell 3’ Kit v3.1 in Mouse Lymph Node Nuclei

WT v2

Key Tech Note Takeaways

  • Head-to-head sensitivity comparison shows increased gene detection.
  • Integrated results confirm gene expression and cell type proportions.
  • More differentially expressed genes detected between every cell type.

Experimental Design

Mouse lymph node tissue was dissociated into a single nuclei solution with a Singulator 100 (S2 Genomics). The samples were strained, centrifuged, and resuspended in Nuclei Storage Buffer. The sample was split, and half of the sample was prepared with the 10x Genomics™ Next GEM Single Cell 3’ Kit v3.1. The remaining half was fixed with Evercode Cell Fixation v2 and shipped for further processing with Evercode WT v2. The sequencing data were processed with each manufacturer’s respective analysis pipeline.

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