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Discovering mediators of chemoresistance in in vitro tumoroid models of pancreatic cancer

WT Pancreas Tumor
“We were able to perform high-quality and cost-effective single-cell RNA-sequencing with the Evercode kit”
- William Hwang, PI, Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Cancer Research

Pancreatic cancer remains one of the deadliest malignancies in large part due to therapeutic resistance. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy remodel the tumor microenvironment, and interactions between cancer-associated fibroblasts and cancer cells modulate the therapeutic response and contribute to chemoresistance.

To identify and characterize candidate interactions between cancer cells and fibroblasts that may mediate therapeutic resistance, we utilized the Parse Evercode WT V2 assay to profile cells in a tumoroid co-culture model between tumor-derived cells and pancreatic stellate cells.

Sample Name Cells Assayed Exposure Sample Type
Co-culture Untreated Tumor-CAF Co-culture - Cells
Co-culture Treated Tumor-CAF Co-culture 5FU Cells


Therapy-associated remodeling of pancreatic cancer revealed by single-cell spatial transcriptomics and optimal transport analysis

Spatial molecular imaging is combined with single-cell sequencing to characterize the tumor microenvironment of human pancreatic cancer.

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